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[on expanding her career to become a film director] It is more satisfying. You are more of a participant in the conception. I like having control. I think I have the capability. I’m a storyteller and an artist and I love what I do. So I want to be part of it more and not just show up and say my lines.


White people need to shut the fuck up because the police are here to cater, serve & protect you, and only you so don’t try to be all fake deep by writing these fake ass dissertations on how much you hate cops and police brutality when a cop would fcking kill for you and put themselves on the line for WHITE safety. shut the fuck up. you need to recognize you have a privilege with cops, something blacks aren’t and never will be afforded so don’t try to be all “fuck the police” to get some kind of exclusive pat-on-the-back access to the POC community on here just shut your mouth and reflect on what your white people been doing and what they have done. thanks

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.



if you have nothing good to say say it

i hate stuart little and i don;t think he deserved 3 movies

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